There are no specific state-level laws regarding hoverboards or EPAMDs in Arkansas.

Arkansas, also known as “The Natural State,” is located in the southern region of the United States. It joined the Union in 1836 and is the 25th largest state by land area. The state got its name from the Native American Quapaw tribe, which means “south wind” in their language. Arkansas has a diverse geography, including the Ozark Mountains in the northwestern part of the state and the Mississippi River on its eastern border.

Some well-known cities in Arkansas include:
1. Little Rock – The capital and largest city of Arkansas, known for its vibrant downtown area and historical attractions like the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.
2. Fayetteville – A college town home to the University of Arkansas and known for its lively arts scene and vibrant entertainment options.
3. Fort Smith – Situated on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, it offers a rich history, featuring sites like the Fort Smith National Historic Site and the Belle Grove Historic District.
4. Hot Springs – Famous for its natural hot springs and preserved bathhouses, Hot Springs is a popular tourist destination and has been dubbed “America’s First Resort.”
5. Bentonville – Known for being the headquarters of retail giant Walmart, Bentonville is also home to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, a renowned art museum.

Please note that this information is fairly surface level, and there is much more to explore about Arkansas, including its history, culture, and natural beauty.