In Florida, electric personal assistive mobility devices (EPAMDs), which includes hoverboards, can be operated in the following places:

  • On a road or street with a speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less.
  • On a marked bicycle path.
  • On any street or road where bicycles are allowed.
  • At intersections, even if the posted speed limit is above 25 miles per hour, for the purpose of crossing.
  • On sidewalks, but the person operating the EPAMD must yield to pedestrians and provide an audible signal before passing.

A valid driver’s license is not required to operate an EPAMD, and these devices are not required to be registered or insured. However, if a person under the age of 16 operates an EPAMD, they must wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet that meets specific safety standards.

Counties, municipalities, and the Department of Transportation have the authority to prohibit the operation of EPAMDs on certain roads, streets, or bicycle paths if deemed necessary for safety reasons.

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