In New Jersey, hoverboards are considered EPAMDs. An “electric personal assistive mobility device” (EPAMD) is defined as a self-balancing non-tandem two-wheeled device designed to transport one person. It uses an electric propulsion system with an average power of 750 watts and has a maximum speed of less than 20 miles per hour when operated by a person weighing 170 pounds. EPAMDs are not considered motorized wheelchairs, motorized bicycles, motorcycles, motorized scooters, motorized skateboards, vehicles, or motor vehicles.

EPAMDs are allowed to be operated on public highways, sidewalks, and bicycle paths in the state. Operators of EPAMDs have the same rights and duties as bicycle drivers, as stated in Title 39 of the Revised Statutes, except for provisions that are not applicable to EPAMDs. EPAMDs are also subject to the safety and equipment requirements applicable to bicycles, except for provisions that do not apply to EPAMDs.

Operators of EPAMDs do not need to obtain a driver’s license or register their device. They are also not required to have liability insurance or provide proof of financial responsibility.

Municipalities have the authority to regulate the operation of EPAMDs on roadways and public properties within their jurisdiction through ordinances. The state, county, or municipality also has the power to prohibit or regulate the operation of EPAMDs on any public highway under their jurisdiction.

However, regardless of the above provisions, operators of EPAMDs are required to wear a helmet while operating the device. Additionally, operators must be 16 years of age or older, except for operators with a mobility-related disability.

New Jersey, located on the East Coast of the United States, is the fourth-smallest state in terms of geographical area. It is bordered by New York to the north and northeast, Pennsylvania to the west, and Delaware to the southwest. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east of the state. Known as the “Garden State,” New Jersey is famous for its beautiful landscapes and diverse geography, including sandy beaches, bustling cities, picturesque suburbs, and scenic farmlands.

Well-known cities in New Jersey include:
1. Newark
2. Jersey City
3. Trenton
4. Atlantic City
5. Paterson
6. Elizabeth
7. Edison
8. Woodbridge
9. Lakewood
10. Toms River