In North Dakota, the use of electric scooters, including hoverboards, is not specifically regulated at a statewide level. However, they are likely subject to existing legislation for mopeds.

Electric scooters should not be driven on bicycle paths or sidewalks and must be equipped with taillights and headlights. Additionally, drivers of electric scooters, including hoverboards, who are younger than 18 years old are required to wear helmets.

North Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is the 19th largest state by area and the 4th least populous state. North Dakota is known for its vast prairies, fertile farmland, and harsh winters. The state has a strong agricultural economy, with wheat, barley, and sunflowers being major crops.

Well-known cities in North Dakota include:
1. Fargo
2. Bismarck
3. Grand Forks
4. Minot
5. West Fargo