In Washington, the following laws apply to various types of devices, including mopeds, EPAMDs (electric personal assistive mobility devices), motorized foot scooters, personal delivery devices, electric-assisted bicycles, and different classes of electric-assisted bicycles. Hoverboards are not specifically named but likely fall under the same designations:

1. Mopeds must have a registration number and permit to be operated on highways. They cannot be used on bicycle paths, trails, equestrian trails, or recreational trails.

2. EPAMDs and motorized foot scooters are not allowed to be operated on fully controlled limited access highways. Personal delivery devices can only be used on sidewalks or crosswalks, unless otherwise permitted by law. Mopeds are not allowed on sidewalks, and motorized foot scooters and class 3 electric-assisted bicycles are also not allowed on sidewalks, except when necessary as part of a bicycle or pedestrian path, or if authorized by local ordinance.

3. It is unlawful to remove muffling or pollution control devices from mopeds.

4. Electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters have similar access and parking rights as bicycles, subject to certain regulations.

5. Class 1 and class 2 electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters can be operated on shared-use paths and designated bicycle areas. However, local jurisdictions and state agencies can restrict or regulate their access. Local regulations must be consistent for shared-use paths crossing multiple jurisdictions, but existing regulations in effect before January 1, 2018 are exempt.

6. Class 3 electric-assisted bicycles can only be operated on facilities adjacent to highways, not on shared-use paths, unless allowed by local jurisdictions. State agencies and local jurisdictions can regulate the use of class 3 electric-assisted bicycles on their own facilities.

7. Electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters cannot be operated on nonmotorized trails with natural surfaces, unless permitted by the local authority or agency.

8. The laws regarding moped registration, speed limits, yield to pedestrians, and the rights and duties of EPAMD operators are also specified.

9. Municipality and local government agencies can prohibit or regulate the operation of EPAMDs on public highways, restrict speeds in certain areas with congestion or speed differentials, and regulate EPAMD operation in areas used for recreation, trails, or conservation.

These laws aim to establish regulations and restrictions for the safe operation of different types of electric mobility devices in Washington state.

Washington is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It was named after the first President of the United States, George Washington. The state is bordered by Oregon to the south, Idaho to the east, and Canada to the north. Washington is known for its diverse geography, including lush forests, mountains, and a long coastline along the Pacific Ocean.

Well-known cities in Washington include:

1. Seattle
2. Spokane
3. Tacoma
4. Vancouver
5. Bellevue
6. Everett
7. Kent
8. Renton
9. Yakima
10. Spokane Valley